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Cronologia Exaltado

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Cronologia Exaltado

Mensaje por blackmane el Lun Mar 23, 2009 7:54 am

Estaria bien tener una cronologia actualizada hasta el momento de la linea temporal de Exaltado.

Alguien se anima?


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Re: Cronologia Exaltado

Mensaje por Maese Mateo el Lun Mar 23, 2009 9:33 am

Es algo bastante complejo, abría que juntar todas las línes temporales que vienen en los manuales de 2da Edición, desde Dreams of the First Age hasta todos los libros de Terrestial Directions. Lamentablemente no los poseeo todos, pero voy a tratar de pasar lo que tenga al foro entre jueves o miercoles.

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Maese Mateo

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Re: Cronologia Exaltado

Mensaje por Embustero el Jue Abr 16, 2009 12:43 am

Pues hay una a partir de la ascencion de la Emperatriz al poder aqui

Tengo otra que me encontre hace mucho por internet, tambien incompleta. A ver si un dia de estos me pongo a recopilar y traducir todas las que salen en los libros, no deberia ser dificil; la de Dreams of the first age menciona todo lo ocurrido hasta la usurpacion, creo que en outcastes sale una completa desde la usurpacion hasta la epoca actual segun Lookshy y junto con esta que les voy a pegar a continuacion deberia estar muy completa. (creditos al que la hizo, aunque ya no recuerde su nombre).

-1: The Seventh Legion of the Shogun, controlled by the Daimyo of Deheleshen, arrives at his city, leveled by the Fair Folk.
The Seventh Legion of the Shogun builds an encampment at Deheleshen

1: The end of the Great Contagion
The Destruction of the Fair Folk Armies
The Annihilation of the Seven Tigers
The Founding of the Realm

12: Founding of the All-Seeing Eye

18: Founding of the First ministries and magistrates in the Realm

The Seventh Legion founds the city of Lookshy on the ruins of
Deheleshen, as civilian settlements spring up among the ruins.

40: The Realm Legions are re-established.

44: The Empress’s consort Jeresh assassinated by a lovesick suitor

Emissaries of the Empress arrive at several city-stats demanding Oaths
of fealty. Some sign on, others, like Lookshy, refuse.
Threats compel more city-states to sign on.

First Assault on the River Province by the Realm. Based in costal
cities, elements of the Fourth legion begin a systematic campaign of
conquest, bypassing Lookshy.
Scattered resistance intensifies. Soon the Realm can control only what it can see.

52: The Council of Entities take control of Nexus

53: Imperial Forces withdraw from the Scavenger Lands after increasing losses with guerrilla warriors.

68: Cevis Ghandarva and his followers leave the Blessed Isle.
Peace of Song Forgotten discovers The Pool of the Forest Witches

69: Brem Marst, who will found the Guild, born in a Kingdom that will one day be part of Great Forks.

71: Oreithyia falls in love with Valentin.

72: Ghandarva betrays Samathi Anja in exchange for Domnica’s mantle.

75: Second Invasion of the Scavenger Lands, this time with four Legions. Resistance is fierce but disorganized.
Lookshy is besieged
Nexus is occupied
Emissary of Nexus decrees all realm forces withdraw because only the
council can maintain an army in Nexus. The Realm refuses, killing two
Councilors. Within a week, all officers above the rank of Talenlord are
slain. Realm forces accept exile and leave.

76: Seventh Legion
Troops use First Age Weapons against the Legions of the Realm. Legion
is destroyed by the weapon and subsequent sally.
Seventh Legion Troops endure forced march to location where Great Forks now stands. Destroys The Fourth Legion.
Imperial Forces withdraw from the Scavenger Lands again.

83: Realm ships engage in unofficial and allegedly unsanctioned attacks on merchant ships from The Scavenger Lands.
Several states issue Letters of Marque against Realm ships and begin building navies.

Realm’s Last full Invasion of the Scavenger Lands, with seven full
Legions and allied Legions, including The Empress’s own Guard.
Legions are pushed back with great difficulty, Lookshy’s forces are
scattered, but forces from Melehvil and Nathir keep Realm forces pinned
down while guerrilla forces attack.
Brem Marst unable to return home stays with Counters at The Lap

89: General Vondy Beulen defects from The Realm to Lookshy
The Empress’s Own Guard destroyed at Melehvil.
Marst returns home with new system for governing large scale trading operations.

The free cities of the River Province, including Lookshy, Nexus, Sijan,
and over a dozen others, form a coalition called the League of Many
Marst expands trading opportunities.

99: With Merchants from all directions but Center, Marst forms The Guild

103: Founding of the Deliberative

104: Coastal states begin to petition to join the League of Many Rivers, with Guild support.

109: Coastal states allowed to join the League of Many Rivers
The Realm protests the states joining the League of Many Rivers. They are met with derision.

114: Assassination Attempt on the Empress
Empress founds the policy of the Thousand Mazy Paths
Empress marries Rawar of Arjuf

117: Guild allies with Council of Entities in Nexus and moves HQ there.
First Guild Directorate codified and established.

130: Birth of Manosque, Great House Founder

137: Ghandarva’s followers become bandits, at the request of Evelina the dead.
Forest Witch’s manse open to outsiders.

139: Birth of Ragara, Great House Founder

144: Forest Witch’s Manse destroyed by internal conflict.

145: Valentin killed.
Ghandarva bargains with Oreithyia

146: Bagrash K�l uses the Eye of Autochthon to found a great kingdom in the north that surpasses the Realm
The Guild allies with Bagrash K�l

174: Nine Duchies Banner is raised in the Northwest across the sea from the Realm
The Guild allies with Nine Duchies Banner
Marst visits Bagrash K�l’s Kingdom
Three Legions are sent to crush the Nine Duchies Banner
Guild quietly begins moving personnel and supplies from Bagrash K�l’s Kingdom

176: Bagrash K�l destroyed by the Eye of Autochthon

179: Brem Marst dies

202: The Thousand Scales reaches its current form

211: The Delzahn Horde conquers Chiaroscuro
The Delzahn Horde offers Fealty to the Realm

212: The Mandala Guard established among the Forest Witches

223: The relationship is established between the Realm and all states along the Inner Sea and some well into the Threshold.

227: Nellons taken as consort by the Empress

231: Birth of Sesus, Great House Founder

235: Birth of Ledaal, Great House Founder

244: Viridian Manosque uses the Eye of Autochthon to attempt to stage a coup.
Viridian Manosque destroyed by the Realm’s defenses
House Manosque put to the sword

261: Nellons dies

263: Tensions rise between Laris and Velen districts in the Scavenger Lands over disputes dating to the First Age.

Velen district forces seize control of some irrigation and viaduct
pumping stations along Sandy River and destroying others.
Laris forces wreck dikes at Lowground and Sutter’s Marsh, destroying those cities.
War between Laris and Velen districts begin.

278: Refugees, with their Gods, meet near the Rolling and Yellow Rivers.
Great Forks formed.

281: Haltans make compact with The Fair Folk

286: Ghandarva reborn as Ledaal Demyen

299: Trae Leng’s revolt in the Realm

301: House Iselsi sponsors semi-official expedition into the Scavenger Lands
Ghandarva returns to Forest Witches with Blood and Spear Sutras
House Iselsi’s expedition fails spectacularly.
Company of Thrones formed among Forest Witches

303: House Iselsi attempts coup after unsuccessful adventure.
House Iselsi’s coup is crushed out of hand
House Iselsi stripped of most of their possessions and made servants of the Throne.

318: Linowan begin their attempt to conquer Halta in earnest

326: Vengeful Harvest Uprising in the Realm

335: First Guild office on the Blessed Isle established at Chanos.

362: Tepet taken as consort by the Empress
Blood on the Horn born in Harborhead

364: Barbarian incursions along the northern coast of the Inner Sea repulsed by the Gleaming Fang Legion (formerly the 11th)

369: Birth of Mnemon, Great House Founder

370: Rawar dies

371: Tepet vanishes
Lord’s Crossing becomes first Blessed Isle Guild hub

385: Blood on the Horn conquers costal Harborhead

392: Fane of Upswept Horns restored in Harborhead

Tariffs begin being levied against Guild Merchants traveling on the
Blessed Isle. Tariff is from House Tepet, on wagon wheels, even when
attached to Wagons.

416: Guild boycotts trade with the Blessed Isle
Trade War between Guild and Realm begins
The Realm attacks Harborhead

418: Trade War ends, as each side recognizes futility of continued hostilities
Two-century tariff on Guild trade items begins
No Longer Guild Hubs on Blessed Isle, all business goes through Cherek

422: Elevation of House Nellons
Blood on the Horn killed
Harborhead falls to the Realm

433: Fire seen in sky over Imperial Mountain
Mountain people send emissaries to Empress, return fewer but with great gifts.

435: Arczeckhi Horde invades the South, ravaging several cities in the Hundred Kingdoms.
Arczeckhi Horde turned back by Hundred Kingdoms Mercenaries and Lookshy regulars. Guild provides substantial help.

465: Unbroken Rushes Rebellion in the Realm

474: First major rebellion in Harborhead begins (and ends)

535: A second rebellion in Harborhead begins over a slain cleric

547: Fair Folk attack the Hundred Kingdoms. Guild provides support.

550: Second rebellion in Harborhead ends with the Realm in control.

557: Fair Folk driven back from Hundred Kingdoms
Guild establishes trade ties with many, and is scandalized for it.

550: Treaties renegotiated with Chiaroscuro and other major cities and the Realm to reduce tariffs.

557: Representatives from the Scavenger Lands major cities renegotiate new, stronger Treaty called The Confederation of Rivers.

563: Ghandarva reborn as God-Blooded son of Spinner of Glorious Tales from Great Forks

564: Proseria delivers The Blessing of Awakening.
The Company of Messengers formed among the Forest Witches
The Table of Fiends is formed among the Forest Witches
The tax of Fading Embers levied among the Forest Witches

578: Realm goes to war with Anathema Jochim

585: War with Jochim ends with Jochim slain by Tepet Arada “The Wind Dancer”
Ghandarva returns to Forest Witches again

591: Ragara’s Widow’s Uprising in the Realm.

615: several officers of the Seventh Legion killed by a First Age Weapon at Gunzota redoubt

686: Sacrifice War in Harborhead. Realm puts down another rebellion

688: The Black Scale Embassy Established among the Forest Witches

707: Blooded Scythe Uprising in the Realm

748: Autocrat of Thorns dies.
Empress supports succession of Autocrat of Thorn’s second son in exchange for a promise to attack the Scavenger Lands.
sends Dragon-Blooded “advisers” to help him seize power from his Elder
Brother, then legitimizes usurper. More “advisory” forces and First Age
Weapons sent to “help” new Autocrat.
Guild attempts to forestall war, fails.

752: The forces of Thorns are mauled, their forces unused to war compared to their opponents.
The Realm is forced to put more and more money into helping Thorns.

754: Battle of Mishaka, Armies of Thorns annihilated. Great Forks forces crushed.
Popular opinion turns against new Autocrat, civil war begins.

761: The Bull of the North sends forces to attack Rokan-jin and Talinin Tribes south of the Linowan

762: The Bull of the North sends the Sorceress Samea to assist his forces against the Rokan-Jin and Talinin Tribes.
Open warfare erupts between Icewalkers and Rokan-jin and Talinin Tribes.

763: The Solar Exalted begin to return en masse
The Linowan request aid from the Realm against the Icewalkers
The Abyssal Exalted begin to appear en masse
The Tepet Legions join up with the Linowan Forces
The Empress Vanishes
Guild works to counter attempts to keep vanishing secret.
The Bull of the North joins his forces

The Battle of Krellin Ford: Four Dragons of the Tepet Forces defeats
Five dragons under the Dragon-Blooded Mors Ialden and force them to
Council of the Empty Throne in the Realm
The Bull of
the North’s Forces under Mors Ialden are backed up by Samea and two
Dragons and devastate the pursuing Tepet Legions.
The Deathlord Mask of Winters attacks and sacks Thorns
Battle of Ironthorn Forest: Half the Tepet Legions attack and wound
Samea, forcing a retreat. The Bull of the North slays seven
Immaculates, and his summoned creatures destroy five Warstriders
Battle of Fallen Lapis: Two Bronze Faction Sidereals destroy the allied
city of Fallen Lapis, slaying all inhabitants. The Bull of the North
and Samea slay one Sidereal and devastate their forces.
Tepet Arada, “The Wind Dancer”, orders a retreat to Greyfalls.
The Battle of Futile Blood: the Bull of the North’s Forces destroys the remainder of the Tepet Legions.

766: Former Leopard of Harborhead killed along with her family, new one installed.

768: Present Day

Exaltado Terrestre
Exaltado Terrestre

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Re: Cronologia Exaltado

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

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