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Custom Yozi Charms: General

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Custom Yozi Charms: General

Mensaje por Maese Mateo el Dom Dic 06, 2009 11:00 pm

Aquí iré poniendo los charms generales que vaya armando, por ahora solo tengo uno.

Supreme (Yozi) Emulation
Cost: 10m, 1lhl; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Blasphemy, Combo-Basic, Obvious, Shaping
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: So Speaks (Yozi), (Yozi) Mythos Exultant
This Charm was not developed by the Yozis themselves, but by the Green Sun Princes in their constant search for power and emulation of their Yozi masters. While using it, they can hold eternal glory, even for a few seconds.
When the character activates this Charm his anima flares like if he has spend 16+ motes of peripheral essence and he gains Essence 10 for the rest of the scene. This does not automatically increase his motes, but it does increase his maximum essence pool total. They can also improvise Combos by spending a willpower point and following the normal Combo rules if all the Charms are from the Yozi he is emulating, but they can only Combo up to five different Charms. This Charm does not allow him to buy any trait he could not normally access with his true Essence rating.
The Infernal's increased Essence does not allow her to use any enhanced functions of Charms that are dependent on Permanent Essence. However, she still uses it for calculating any static values derived from Essence. For example: a Green Sun Prince couldn’t use Unquestionable Yozi Authority to stop the Maidens from attacking him. But he could use this Charm to increase the range and damage he causes with Mind-Hand Manipulation or the area of effect of Abjuration of the Maidens.
This Charm forces the character to act in synchrony with the Yozi he is emulating. If he performs an action that is forbid by the Yozi’s First Excellency then this Charm deactivates itself and cannot be used again for the rest of the scene. Also, every Charm from other Yozis he uses manifest in accordance to the Yozi he is emulating. For example: if a character uses this Charm to emulate Malfeas and then he activates Crystal-Fire Barrier Technique, instead of crystal the barrier could be made of brass and black stone. This alteration is only aesthetical and should not allow any kind of benefit apart from providing ideas for stunts.
A second purchase at Essence 6+ allows the Infernal to make Combos with Charms of the same Yozi he is emulating without spending the willpower point.

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Maese Mateo

Sexo : Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 1647
Edad : 31
Localización : Argentina
Fecha de inscripción : 09/03/2009

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