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Nuevos Hechizos de Infernal Sorcery

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Nuevos Hechizos de Infernal Sorcery

Mensaje por Maese Mateo el Lun Nov 30, 2009 8:35 pm

Aquí les dejo algunos hechizos que hice hace algún tiempo.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: Salvo que se indique con un (*), todos estos hechizos puedenser utilizados tambié con hechicería común.

Hechizos del Primer Círculo:

Open the Gate of Desolation
Cost: 25m, 1lhl
Target: The Endless Desert
This spell can only be cast in a place of desolation. The Infernal inscribe prayers to Cecelyne in his own blood, and then he put them in the ground and burn them. The full ritual takes 5 minutes. Once it is completed, the ashes and smoke transform into white sand and began to expand and move like a sandstorm, until a radius of 2 yards is covered into sand. Then, a gate of white stone and crystal erupt from the ground opened. Through it, the sorcerer can see a white sand desert with a night without stars. The gate lasts for one minute (60 ticks) before crumbling into the ground and vanishes. From there, 5 days separate the sorcerer and his companions from Malfeas.
This spell cannot be used to return to Creation.

Twisted Game of Sand and Time
Cost: 25m
Target: The sorcerer and his companions
Normally, the travel from the Endless Desert to the Demon City takes 5 days. However, Cecelyne doesn’t have to spend that time, for he is the Desert itself. The Infernal can try to emulate this quality, and seems to arrive instantly from any part of the Endless Desert into Malfeas.
This spell works like a Shaping effect against the Time and Space around the sorcerer. He seems to vanish and appear at the point where Cecelyne and Malfeas converged. Nevertheless, 5 days had passed in the real time. Some sorcerers speculate that this spell only sustain and protect the sorcerer for the 5 days and erase his memory of the travel. Only the Yozis know if this is true.
If the Infernal casts this spell in long ticks, he can take with him up to a unit of his Essence in Magnitude.
Tattooed Lunars are not immune to this effect, because it only affects the time and space around them, not their bodies.
This spell can also work in the opposite way, to help the sorcerer reach Creation from the Demon City.
If used like a non-infernal sorcery spell, it’s always casted in long ticks and the sorcerer can only take up to (Essence x2) companions with him.

Hechizos del Segundo Círculo:

Summon the Priest of Cecelyne (*)
Cost: 30m
Target: Summoned Priest
Infernals cannot summon the Hidden Judges, for their sole existence is a crime against Heaven. Instead, they can use a pact with Cecelyne and summon one of her priests.
The infernal can cast this spell like a ritual that lasts from sunset to sunrise. If he is in a place of desolation, then it only takes 5 minutes and can be used at any time.
The spell does not bind the Priest, and he can do as he wants. The Infernal can speak to him in Old Realm and tell him of someone who has break the Laws of Cecelyne and the Priest will search for the criminal and punish him according to the Law.

Soul Binding Oath (*)
Cost: 18m
Target: One living creature
Not only demons use ghosts like slaves and servants in Malfeas. The Infernals have learned how to lure mortals into binding oaths of servitude after death.
The Infernal takes the oath of a willingly target, who cannot be convinced by magical means. It must be a free decision. Of course, it can be lured and tricked into accept.
This oath is bound into the soul of the creature, and can never be erased. Only if the target exalts this binding is removed. And if the target accept the oath when already an exalt, only countermagic can erase the binding (this also works on non-exalts, of course).
While the target lives, he halves his MDV against the social attacks of the sorcerer.
When the target dies, his higher soul rises as a ghost and is transported to the Infernal’s residence in Malfeas. He now as a MDV of 0 against the Infernal.
The Infernal must have already prepared a residence using a ritual that lasts for 5 hours, where he reclaims the ownership of the place and attune to it, so his slave’s souls can find the place. If a target dies and the Infernal as no prepared residence, then he appears into a random location of Malfeas.
It is said that Malfeas bind this spell to the process to transform someone into an akuma, and that when an akuma dies, he is transported to the Demon City so it can be punished by his master.
A necromantic version of this spell also exists, but instead of Malfeas the soul is transported to the residence of the necromancer in the Underworld. Also, apart of a MDV of 0, the ghost takes the commands of the necromancer like an unnatural mental influence that costs five willpower to resist.

Hechizos del Tercer Círculo:

Summon the Demonic Horde (*)
Cost: 60m
Target: Summoned horde
The Infernal can summon a host of demons that serve him to his side. These demons must be already his servants, or the spell fails. They travel through Elsewhere, arriving at their master’s side as fast as they can.
The casting time for this spells is account into long ticks. The Infernal can summon an army with a Magnitude of up to (Essence x2) demons. Normally, this army will have the traits of a common Demon Horde (CoCD: Malfeas, p.60).
If the sorcerer uses it in Creation, he can only cast it at sunset, and the army lasts for (Essence) hours until they must return to Malfeas. Also, this is a Blasphemy effect.
This spell does not bind the demons, because they are already loyal to the character in the first place. For that, the infernal cannot take his Demon Horde from Malfeas into Creation if he uses this spell in Malfeas. He must cast it into Creation to let them enter.

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