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Custom Yozi Charms: Adorjan

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Custom Yozi Charms: Adorjan

Mensaje por Maese Mateo el Mar Nov 24, 2009 11:24 am

Bueno, esta es la primer entrega de una serie de Charms que arme para los Yozis/Infernals.

Hoy le toca a Adorjan.

Undetectable Passage of the Wind
Cost: --; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Faster Than Sight
This Charm permanently improves Faster Than Sight. Any mundane attempt to notice the Infernal, except from touch, automatically fails. When contested by effects that allow for supernatural tracking, it adds Essence in automatic successes to the contested tracking roll.
If opposed by a perfect effect, then a contested roll should be made, and the Infernal still adds his Essence in automatic successes.

The Wind Has No Substance
Cost: -- (1 wp); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Scarlet Rapture Shintai, Undetectable Passage of the Wind
The wind has no limits, and can pass through almost anything. Spending an additional willpower point the Infernal adopts a state of semi-substantiality. He can pass though any space wide enough for him to fit his fingers through.
Also, not even touch can detect him anymore. He can go through a multitude and only be noticed like some strong wind.

Hazardous Wind Transformation
Cost: 12, 1wp; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Sorcerous, Obvious, Velocity
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Earth-Skimming Gale Tread (x3), Pellegrina’s Fury, The Wind Has No Substance
Adorjan has four daughters who became minor winds. The Infernal can transform himself into such a hazard. He begins dashing, and his body transforms into pure wind. In this form he can only be hurt by magical weapons or attacks supplemented by charms. He can (and must) dash at twice his maximum speed or the Charm ends. This wind body has a size of (Essence x10) yards in diameter. The motes are committed for the duration of the effect.
But, like Adorjan and her daughters, this wind carries death and silence. The character becomes an environmental hazard of [(Essence/2) +1] bashings per action (rounded down) with a Trauma equal to its damage minus one.
A second purchase transforms the character damage into lethal.
A third purchase at Essence 6+ transforms the character damage into aggravated.

Spawn the Minor Wind
Cost: 20m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Blasphemy, Combo-OK, Desecration, Obvious, Shaping, Sorcerous
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: First Adorjan Excellency, Hazardous Wind Transformation (x2)
Four of Adorjan’s daughters choose to become like their mother, and in such attempt they become minor winds themselves.
The Infernal can use this charm to transform a mortal for whom he has a positive Intimacy into a living wind. Make an opposite roll of Willpower + Essence. The Infernal can always use Adorjan’s Excellencies with this roll like if the dice pool was a combination of (Attribute + Ability). On a failure, nothing happens and the character cannot use this charm on the same target for a full day. If he botches, he can’t use the Charm again on that target for a year. On a success, the victim’s body begins to vaporize. The process takes up to one minute per dot of Stamina + Strength of the target. When completed, only the target’s possessions remain. From now on, the target becomes a Minor Wind and has all the benefits of the first and second purchase of Hazardous Wind Transformation. His Essence score is half the Infernal’s Essence, rounded down, and also obtains the Awakened Essence abomination and the Creature of Darkness deformity. He retains all his original traits, except the ones that are now useless (at Storyteller discretion). He retains his Motivations and Intimacies, although they might (and probably will) change over time to reflect his new understanding of the world.
This Minor Wind also gains the Infernal’s Essence score in Spirit Charms, but he must meet the Essence requirement for the Charms he wants.
Unfortunately, Adorjan is impulsive and prefers to move rather than stay and think, which means the Minor Wind’s Intelligence is reduced by one dot in the process.
The Minor Wind has an Intimacy of fanatical love toward his Infernal parent and will not attack him, except if it is self defense. But, besides that, he is not compelled to serve him in any way. The Infernal can spend a Willpower point to use the Mandate of Subordination on his wind child (see The Roll of Glorious Divinity I, p. 169 for rules).
Like the wind, they don’t age, but if they stop moving, they suffer an unsoakable level of aggravated damage for every action they remain still. That is the price one must pay to become the wind.
All this effects are permanent. They can only be reversed with countermagic or other magical effects during the first year. When this period of time ends, the effect is truly permanent and cannot be reversed.
If the Exalt use this charm on his own children, they obtain a +1 to their final Essence score, because they resonate better with the Infernal’s essence.
A second purchase allows the Infernal to transform Demon-Blooded and Infernal Half-Caste, because they already have the essence of the Yozi inside. They will retain all the charms they know in life, plus the usual Spirit Charms this charm gives.

Call the Wind Child
Cost: 3m per Essence dot, 1wp; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Spawn the Minor Wind
Adorjan can’t live without her children, because she loves them so much. Because of that, she has learned how to summon her beloved to her side at any time.
The Infernal can use this charm to call the creatures he had created with Spawn the Minor Wind, but only if he retains a positive Intimacy toward them. He must spend 3 motes per Essence dot of his child, plus one willpower point. Although the call is instant, the child needs time to arrive at his parent side. If both are in the same realm of existence, this takes one tick per Essence of the Minor Wind. If they are in a different realm of existence, this takes twice that time.
Once arrived, the Minor Wind can do whatever it wants. It is not compelled to serve his parent in any form by this charm.
A second purchase allows the Infernal to send his child back to Malfeas, at half the mote cost for summon them (rounded down) and one willpower. If they are in Malfeas, then the Minor Wind is teleport to (Infernal’s Essence x100) miles. Sometimes, Adorjan just wants to be alone.

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